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Book, position of the day playbook
Has your sex life become stagnant or boring? The Position of the Day Playbook is a titillating book ..
Book, position of the day sex every day in every way
Running low on new ideas in the sack? The Position of the Day book has simple and clear drawings on ..
Coupons, i.o.u sex checks
Being in debt to someone has never felt this good! If you owe your lover a treat, make sure it i..
Erotic massage deck, 50 sensual techniques
Marrying ancient Eastern wisdom with modern know-how, this easy-to-use and delightfully sexy dec..
I dare you - 30 sealed seductions
I dare you - 30 sealed seductions..
Lets play doctor - a game of erotic fantasy
Lets Play Doctor! With 40 erotic role-plays for adventurous couples to ch5e from, this game is s..
Love lotto - 100 romantic lotto tickets
Play the game of love! The Love Lotto coupon book contains 100 romantic scratch-and-win lottery tick..
Pin the mr. on the man - includes 16 very naughty misters&
Includes a 305 x 1829 mm full-color poster featuring an illustration of a sexy hunk au naturel and 1..
Sex scratchers 100 sexy lottery tickets
Play big, win big! Uncover your pirate's booty, get your hands on a wild cherry, roll so..
The fantsy sex deck - 50 erotic role-plays
Indulge your fantasies! The Fantasy Sex Deck contains 50 erotic roleplaying scenarious for adventuro..
The sex deck
Banish bedroom boredom forever! If you are feeling bored of the Missionary and Doggie positions,..
Truth or dare a game of passion
Dim the lights, draw the curtains, and let go of your inhibitions! This couples version of t..