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Cock and Ball Crusher - Bulk
For the most intense ball-crushing play get this acrylic cock and ball crusher. This cock and ball b..
The Electrogasm is a great Electrosex product. It can be affixed anywhere on the body, allowing ..
Electrosex beginner's kit
See what many adventurously sexual people have discovered about e-Stim. This device is designed to s..
Electrosex clamps
Charge up your sex life! Use the Electrosex Clamps to send orchestrated pulses of energy into your b..
Electrosex deluxe digital power box
If you're shopping for e-stim boxes, you already know the benefits of electrifying your sex life..
Electrosex penis sheath
Charge up your sex life! Use the Electrosex Penis Sheath to send orchestrated pulses of energy into ..
Electrosex pussy probe
Stimulate yourself from the inside with the Electro Pussy Probe! Simply connect the probe to your Ze..
Electrosex scrotum parachute
The Electrosex Scrotum Parachute affixes around the balls, pushing them down slightly. Once plug..
Electrosex torpedo plug - small
These 3 x 1 cucumber shaped Electrosex Torpedo Plugs are simply electrifying. Their simplistic desig..
Magnum enlarger
The Magnum Enlarger increases both penis length and girth by using traction, from its spring loa..
Master series annex erection enhancer t-style divider
Divide and conquer with the Master Series Annex Erection Enhancer T-Style Divider. Inserting the pha..
Master series cannonball intruder orb
So you've had the Original Manus Intruder and found, after time, your plaything needs, a..
Master series d' primer penis jewel
The Master Series D' Primer Penis Jewel sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral..
Master series diabolic erection enhancer taint stimulator
The Master Series Diabolic Erection Enhancer Taint Stimulator cock and ball piece has a little somet..
Master series governor life-sized steel fist plug
The Master Series Governor Life-Sized Steel Fist Plug. The governor rules with a strong hand. Sure&#..