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Book - female ejaculation and the g - spot
In Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, Deborah Sundahl presents an open, positive and down-to..
$25.77 have anal sex
Anal sex: It's taboo. It's mysterious. It's forbidden. Not anymore. Written by an adult film star an..
$16.65 have sex everywhere but in bed
Sex in bed is so-o-o-o everyday, everyone. But sex everywhere, anywhere that's a whole new w..
$16.65 make love w/2, 3, 4...or more
The Make Love with 2, 3, 4...or More book serves as an excellent introduction to g..
$16.65 try bisexuality
Is bisexuality something you're born with? A lifestyle choice? Just a way to double the fun? Des Ess..
$16.65 try bondage
Bondage is not without danger, and yet it opens the door to dramatic new pleasures. Whether you'..
$16.65 try kama sutra
Try 49 positions that explore the pleasures of the seven sensual sins. The Try Kama Sutra ..