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269 amazing sex tips for him book
Bestselling authors and sex experts Anne Hooper and Phillip Hodson dish out hundreds of titillating&..
Book - sensational sex guide
Real sex is deeply committed sex... This means letting go, and giving and feeling one hundred pe..
Book, 269 amazing sex play
Sizzling fun for red-hot lovers! The 269 Amazing Sex Play is a 5in x .25in x 7in adult softbound boo..
Book, guide to oral sex
The sexiest gift you can give a man! The Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex is a 5in x .375in x 7in adult so..
Coupons - great sex
Treat yourself to moments of unforgettable passion with these seductive tear-out coupons! There are ..
Coupons - kama sutra
24 sexy coupons based on the ancient text for loverseach coupon shows a mind-blowing sexual position..
Fantasy sex coupons
Keeping your promises with the Fantasy Sex Coupon book can be so much fun! Treat yourselves to momen..
I (don't) heart valentines coupons
Who needs a clich bunch of roses that will quickly die or a cheesy candlelit dinner for two at an ov..
I love you coupons book
The I Love You Coupons are a creative way to say I love you. Will include coupons such as: an advent..
Naughty nights coupons
Keeping your promises with the Naughty Nights Coupon book can be so much fun! Treat yourselves to mo..
new kiss me coupons
Ignite passion! The Kiss Me Coupons are sure to spark some romance into your relationship whether it..
Sex rx coupons book
The Sex Rx Coupons are the perfect prescription for that special kind of fever. 22 sexy coupons for ..
Steamy coupons book
The Steamy Coupons book is the perfect gift for lovers all year round. Includes coupons like: With t..
Wild quickie coupons
Wild quickie coupons..