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Adult body finger paints (4)

Adult body finger paints (4)
Brand: Pipedream Products
Product Code: CNVELD-PD9200-02
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Price: $9.95
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Get your beret and your paint palette, but don't bother wearing any clothes. This is a nude portrait session and you get to play painter and subject. Take turns with a partner creating masterpieces on each other's bodies with Adult Body Finger Paints. This collection of edible body toppings features four fruity flavors: cherry, strawberry, blueberry and apple. How will you paint your canvas?
Ingredients: De-ionized water, glycerine, sorbitol glyceryl, stearate stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, soy bean oil, methylparaben, triethanomine, artificial flavors, FD & C yellow #5, FD & C yellow # 6, FD & C #1.

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